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14. Oct, 2015


Love your stories

14. Jun, 2015


Hey! I DEFINITELY LOVE ALL YOUR STORIES!!! Thank you for sharing them with us... you are a great writter! thank you for this site too! the pictures really help a lot to get the right visials

24. May, 2015

Raylene Cluney (mooch66)

I found it! Just like you suggested. I can say I was not disappointed in the least. I definitely need to travel back to England someday. I was in London several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed myself but I have to say I fell in love with the smaller countryside
vs the busy live of London. I stayed in Goldalming(sp?) and Guilford and was quite content. You bring my trip back to life for me. My thoughts are if I ever get the chance to go back I would love to go to the coast.

lovely thrilling story with great imagery. I am loving it.

12. May, 2015


I just caught up on Out of the corner of my eye and it's wonderful! I love the history of it and how you're going about telling it. The pictures really bring this story to life.

2. Apr, 2015

Ipsita Chaudhuri

I absolutely loved 'Wild Child' and 'Where Roads converge' ! So beautifully written ! Wild Child is now among my all time most favorite fics . Just saw the post about your upcoming story and looking forward to another awesome reading experience ! But I
can't visit your Facebook group page because it's saying ' content currently not available ' :(

11. Mar, 2015


Love your stories...cant wait for more.

8. Mar, 2014


Love You Liz... you are a very very good writer and I enjoy your stories and YOU. xo

14. Sep, 2013


Just finished reading WRC. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the great read Liz!

Website 20. Jun, 2013

alba gutierrez

what a beautiful visual to a beautiful story,all the pictures are perfect. and the story warm my heart

Website 20. Jun, 2013

alba gutierrez

what a beautiful visual to a beautiful story,all the pictures are perfect. and the story warm my heart

9. Apr, 2013


Found WRC at The Lemonade Stand and just adore it. Looking forward to continuing reading it :)

30. Mar, 2013


Just started reading WRC and loving it so far. Looking forward to those sparks flying. Lol. And learning about Edwards story. Now I'm going to check out Wild Child. Thanks

30. Mar, 2013

Tina Connor

No wonder a "cottage" similar sold for half a million. What a beautiful village and surround. Thank you for adding to our enjoyment of Where Roads Converge by taking the time to put this lovely website together. It really adds to the story to have visuals
while you are reading.

Website 7. Jan, 2013


hello! First I want to thank you for is perfectly, interesting story Wild Child. and as an enthusiastic reader will want to ask your permission to translate your stories into Russian. I would like to post this fic on one site, of course and retains all
of the author's reference to the original. I would be very happy to share this story with readers from Russia! Thanks in advance!

4. Nov, 2012

Patti Abad (pengirl25)

Amazing visuals to go along with the outstanding writing! I want to be their friend so I can visit these places ;) I agree with Meire about the audiobook. Thank you SO much for Underagebella and Olderward :) These guys will never be forgotten, and personally
re-read more than once. Take care *hugs*

20. Oct, 2012

Meire Dias


You are a very creative and talented writer! Seriously think about the audiobook... Cheers!!

20. Oct, 2012


Hi Liz!
Wild Child is one of my top ten favorites and I am saddened that it is ending soon. Having the visuals enriches the experience of reading the story for me;) I really do feel that I must reiterate that I love your way with words, you certainly
bring the story to life for me.

20. Oct, 2012


Wild Child. Love the story and these visuals just help make it seem all the more real. Some stunning locations. The properties are amazing. Know this story is almost over but I don't want it to be, I've eagerly anticipated every update and read each one
with awe. Hope you write a continuation. Keep up the good work.

20. Oct, 2012

Sami Wilson-Moore (fb) Sami69 twitter.

What a wonderful fic! I have read it up to your last update in a day! Glad it's got a lot of English sayings in it. Cannot wait for the next update!

19. Oct, 2012


Love Wild Child...though I was really upset with edward sometimes. You know that ;.) But now it´s all good. Can´t wait to see what you´ll write next,,


19. Oct, 2012


Liz I love your story so much!! you write brilliantly.

19. Oct, 2012

Samantha (lovesam101289)

I love Wild Child!! You make my day when I see a new chapter waiting in my inbox when I wake up:) There are ups, downs, some more ups a lot more downs, and some total written awesomeness!

21. Sep, 2012

Kdub4127 (Kristin)

Love you. Cant wait to read more of you work. You make me hot, laugh, and sit on the edge of my seat with your words. Thank You

18. Sep, 2012


Hey dear...saw in the reviews there is a teaser for 26 up somewhere...WHERE??? lol
I need the teaser or the chapter...which is it gonna be?? come on now!! lol

13. Sep, 2012


Hey flyffyliz i just want to say that i'm a huge fan of your story i really love it!!!Also i really want to see a big fight between Bella and Tanya where T pushes B and she ends up unconscious or something like that i dunno i'ts up to you!!!!Thanks!!!!!!