Photo Album

Roedean School

Edward's Aston Martin DB9

Jay Mews - Edward's Knightsbridge home

Jay Mews - Living Room

Jay Mews - Kitchen

Jay Mews - Dining Area

Jay Mews - Study

Jay Mews - Bella's bedroom

Jay Mews - Edward's bedroom

Russell Square, London

Bella's 60s Dress

Edward's Bentley Mulsanne Turbo

Montpeliano Restaurant, Knightsbridge

Herve Leger dress, worn for dinner at Montpeliano

Jay Mews - Rooftop deck

Battery Park, NYC, Apartment

Battery Park - Living Room

Battery Park - Kitchen

Battery Park - Edward's bedroom

Battery Park - Bella's bedroom

Battery Park - View

Business suit, worn for visiting Edward's office in New York

Helmsley Hotel, NYC

Karen Millen dress, worn for dinner at the Helmsley Hotel, New York

Bella's outfit, worn to the Monkey Bar (Chapter 16)

Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas

Flamingo Suite

Bugsy's Bar, Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas

Flamingo Hotel Suite

Bella's Outfit worn for Edward's visit to Roedean

Ginger Pig Pub, Sussex

Bella's tattoo

Sarteano, Italy

Sarteano Villa - Kitchen

Sarteano Villa - Living Room

Sarteano Villa - Terrace

Volterra, Italy

Volterra Mountain Road


Claridges Suite



Vivienne Westwood sundress, worn to Cambridge (Chapter 37)

Bella's Cambridge House

Birthday Gift - Vivienne Westwood wristwatch

Birthday Gift - Valentino handbag

Birthday gift - John Lennon Mont Blanc pen

Engagement & Wedding rings

A selection of visuals, including clothes, cars, properties and locations featured in Wild Child